Laura and Julie’s visit at Langley Park Primary School


Laura and Julie introduced themselves to all the children. They explained their job roles and how important it is to care for the children’s teeth and gums.

They explained the bad ingredients in foods that cause tooth decay.
Julie demonstrated this by weighing out bags of sugar to show the sugar content in items such as sweets (Haribo’s, Skittles and Mars bars etc).
They continued to do this for liquids such as chocolate milkshake, Coca-Cola and Lucozade etc. They discussed healthy snack options such as drinking water, eating carrot sticks, peppers, vegetables and fruit. To keep sugary drinks to meal times and only as a treat.

Laura demonstrated on the large teeth model how to brush their teeth correctly, how often and why it is so important to brush for two minutes. Disclosing tablets were also shown and explained how to be used.

Goody bags were given out with toothbrushes, tooth paste, a sand timer, disclosing tablets, stickers and practice information for the children to take home.

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